Richard Yentes

Recent PhD graduate - highbrow social psychologist and data scientist.

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Chris Allred, Ph.D

Recent PhD graduate and ardent researcher.

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Nicole Francavilla, Ph.D.
Executive Leadership Assessment & Development Consultant

A vivacious and ebullient leadership & selection research-practitioner.

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Justin Travis, Ph.D.
Statistical & Research Analyst

Recent Ph.D. graduate and perspicacious academician. 

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Amanda Young, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer

Doctoral graduate and punctilious psychometrician.

Isaac Thompson, Ph.D.
Principal Data Scientist
Passionate open source specialist and analytic ideologue.

Gabrielle Pappalardo, Ph.D.
Founder & VP, Product
Ardent mindfulness meditation advocate and UX design hobbyist.

M.K. Ward, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Entrepreneurship and Organizational Neuroscience connoisseur.